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Be Free

Therapy for a happier you

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Hi, I'm Lynn.

Welcome to my website.

My passion is to help people who want to be free from troubling feelings and to be at peace in their lives.

If you are looking to move on, to heal and be happy, then let's talk.


I have experienced  a lot of traumas in my life and healed from the difficult emotions it left me with - fear, anxiety, anger, depression and grief. Counselling set me free and changed my life. I feel more energetic, enthusiastic, grateful and excited about each day.

I wish the same for you and, because I have done a lot of work on myself and continue to do so, I can help you to achieve that.

For me, one of the greatest rewards of my work is to witness my clients finding freedoms they never dreamt were possible. I get to see them heal their Inner Child, befriend their Shadow, find empowerment in their relationships, be at peace with themselves, feel at home in their body and live with joy in their lives.

This is a path to living your best life and if you feel that I am the right person to walk this with then I would be honoured to accompany you.

"Love is the answer. The question is unimportant"

Jeff Foster

How I can help you to be free

Internal Family Systems

I work mainly with IFS which as its name implies looks at all the parts of who you are as your own Internal Family. It is a gentle, highly successful, deeply healing modality, integrating the fragmented parts of self that have been hurt by the traumas and upsets of life. As you become more whole and as trust in yourself increases, you will not only have more ease in life but also a release of trapped happiness and creativity.

Although it is 'good to talk', IFS is not a talk therapy as such but rather a mindfulness-based form of soul retrieval. We will explore together any issues that come up with a respectful curiousity. My main task is to guide and hold space for whatever needs expression, without agenda on my part. In our sessions you will find a place of deep, non-judgemental listening - maybe for the first time ever.

If you feel that is something you would like to work with, then please get in touch.