BA (Hons) Counselling

CPCAB level 4 Certificate in Counselling Children

Focusing level 5

Spiritual Direction (3 yr course at the London Centre for Spirituality)


I specialise in Internal Family Systems therapy which sees the person as consisting of an internal family, made up of different parts. As you are considering counselling, you may feel that part of you really wants to talk to a counsellor, part of you may think it is silly or you will be judged and part of you may be scared or suspicious. All these parts are welcome. Perhaps you have been told you are an angry person or depression has become who you are. I would instead see that part of you is angry or depressed rather than all of you.  Instead of saying 'I am angry', try saying 'something in me is angry' and see how different that feels.


I have also trained in Focusing, which encourages tuning in to body sensations and can get a new and surprising insight into past and present issues.  For example, anger may be felt as a knot in the stomach or anxiety as tightness in the chest or your shoulders may be stiff with tension. Focusing is also very helpful in cases of trauma and abuse as it enables these to be worked through gently without having to revisit memories of the scene.

I believe that as humans we are made up of body, mind and spirit which all need to be at peace, balanced and in harmony for the person to feel well. I aim to work with whatever part of you presents as having the most problems at the time.

I have trained in Spiritual Direction and am happy to help you explore your spirituality. I also have extensive experience of working creatively which is fantastic for Inner Child Work.


My journey of self discovery and growth has shown me the huge value in counselling. Through my training and my own personal therapy (which all counsellors are required to have), I have learned to be assertive, to have high self-esteem and to feel comfortable in my own skin. I now understand what has caused me pain in the past and where things cause me discomfort today so that I can deal with them productively. I have learned to grieve what has been lost, including what ‘could have been’. I have learned to own and express positively my feelings and emotions and to respect them in myself and others. I am still a work in progress but I like myself and my life.


These are the things I want for you too and offer to walk alongside you using my training, and  professional and life-experiences to help.

I am accredited by BACP which means that I work to their high professional, ethical standards.