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Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises

  • TRE is an easy to learn process that lets your body relax without the need to visit any narratives of trauma

  • It stimulates gentle, natural body vibrations with simple exercises that releases stuck patterns of tension

  • It is done with your conscious control

  • It calms the nervous system, allowing the body to be in a state of balance

  • You are left feeling calm and relaxed

  • Builds resilience so you are able to cope better with future life demands

But what is trauma anyway?

Trauma is anything that overwhelms our ability to cope. Common causes can be acute, one-off incidences such as accidents, attacks and natural disasters or chronic long-term experiences such as abusive relationships. Also there is 'soft trauma' where small stresses are repeated, which after a while will cause similar problems as more serious incidents. Our bodies give the same stress response to being stuck in traffic as to escaping a wild animal.

We are often programmed to be tough or just get on with things, but unless the stress hormones are released, they build up and stagnate into harmful patterns that cause tension, anxiety or irritability. It can cause a feeling of being always stressed, tired or wired, despite how well life may be going.

How TRE helps

We react to stress in our nervous system and it is then felt in our body, thinking and emotions. The gentle vibrations or tremors of TRE release the energy from the nervous system to bring it back into balance and harmony. With a small practice of 10-15 mins a couple of times a week, TRE can relax long-held patterns of tension and help you to meet future challenges from a place of ease.

some of the benefits of TRE:

  • lower stress

  • better sleep

  • more fluid responses to triggers

  • feeling calmer

  • more ease and grace in movement

  • relief from pain

  • grounded in the present

  • feeling more at home in the body

  • a deeper connection with self