'We're all just walking each other home' Ram Dass

Hello, and thank you so much for your interest. This page is just to give you some idea of who I am to help you make your decision in seeking a counsellor.

At the end of my counselling training in 2013, I discovered IFS and knew that it fitted my understanding of how mental health and wholeness can be achieved. I guess it suited me as I have always tried to get to 'the bottom of things' and I found that this method of compassionate enquiry does just that in a safe and gentle way. I discovered that actually 'the bottom of things' is a good place to get to and the sign over the door saying that  'here be dragons'  is no longer a worry. The dragons are friendly.


I then trained as a spiritual director, which is another form of listening to and being-with. This not only contacts the innate wisdom of Self but explores the relationship with Other, however that may be perceived. When these are relationships of trust, the experience of being safely held allows the confronting of difficult emotions and unresolved problems without the need of Spiritual Bypassing - another self-denial.

Since being in private practice, I have had the honour to walk alongside many who have healed their soul woundings and discovered the deep freedom and joy that comes from aligning with spirit. I have had the pleasure of helping people become at ease in their lives and feel safe in their body, improving their relationships and outlook on life.

I work creatively and intuitively, so if that resonates with you and you feel that I may be able to help you too, please contact me to find out more.

My Experience

Treating Complex Trauma with IFS

TRE tension, stress, trauma release

Level 1 IFS

Focusing foundation

Spiritual Direction (3 year course at London Centre for Spirituality)

CPCAB level 4 certificate Counselling Children

MBACP Accredited

BA (hons) Counselling

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