"You are the one you've been waiting for"

Soothe your anxiety, calm your fear, tame your anger, let go of your addictions...….all of these are possible.

IFS will help you get to know all of the parts of you - your Inner Child, your Inner Critics, and your Inner Champions, and be able to relate harmoniously to yourself, and so also to others.

Part of you may want to come to counselling, part of you may think it is silly and yet another part may feel  that it wont help or you will be misunderstood.

These are some of the members of your Internal Family.

All that you are is welcome...




IFS is a gentle, mindful, non-pathologizing approach that brings deep, genuine healing. The lost, rejected parts of you are found and integrated. The burdens of the past and pains of the present can be let go of for good. 

It is not a sticking plaster solution or a denying but rather a means of true self-love and lasting freedom.









IFS  enables the healing of any parts of you that have become stuck and frozen in time due to trauma. The pain that has been carried for so long is finally released and this fragmented part of you is reclaimed into your life bringing you back into wholeness and freeing up living forward energy.

Some terms you may be familiar with are Inner Child work and Shadow work. The IFS journey meets and befriends these so there are no more unmet needs or fears lurking in the background. Internal chaos is brought to peace and harmful patterns of relating are changed.

IFS can help you to:

  • overcome anxiety

  • be free from depression

  • release anger

  • let go of addictions

  • bring healing to relationships

  • cope with grief

  • release unhelpful habits

  • increase self-esteem

  • find your purpose

  • feel safe in your life

What to expect in an IFS session

  • a safe place to explore

  • non-judgmental compassion

  • your words, your feelings, your timing (not mine)

  • your inherent wisdom finding answers

  • a growing self-love, internal peace and joy

'Pay attention to your insecurities. They are not there to taunt you, but to show you how to heal'
Gabor Mate